Welcome to my site !

My name is Melanie Bachmann. I was born in a famous place of French-German history. My paintings are a burst of glowing colors.

You will discover a whirl of female excitment, child's play, and joy.

Beyond question, I'm struggling for vigor and sensibility. My way of painting is all passion, where graphisme meets colors and collages.

Messages, hidden or clearly to be seen, are actors on a stage starring words as useful antidotes against harms and hurts.
Feelings explode vigorously, full of finesse and a certain sens of attraction.

Very prompt painting as a whole, powerful, appealing to your eyes, again and again...

 Here we are in front of "l'entremetteuse" 90cm x 90cm, in order to render homage to femininity, a picture with a fragrance of mistery. Hidden phrases and messages, scrolls dancing around lovely small flowers in the air...Charming women appearing in a play where l"entremetteuse" acts the chief part - producing all sorts of phantasms...

Who can tell those "twice-told" stories ? 


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